Stainless Steel Forged Fittings (ASME B16.11 & B1.20.1)


ASME B16.11 & B1.20.1

  • Description
  • Socket Elbow
  • Socket Equal Tee
  • Socket Cap
  • Socket Coupling
  • Threaded Elbow
  • Threaded Cross Tee
  • Threaded Cap
  • Threaded Coupling
  • Threaded Plug
  • Bushing
  • Hex Nipple


You can examine the dimensions and standards of socket and threaded products by clicking on the headings above.

Socket Elbow

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Socket Equal Tee

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Socket Cap

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Socket Coupling

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Threaded Elbow

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Threaded Cross Tee

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Threaded Cap

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Threaded Coupling

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Threaded Plug

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Hex Nipple

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