We serve our customers with a wide range of products from world-class manufacturers which have proven their quality.

End to endProject Supply

In addition to product supply, we meticulously carry out logistics, transportation, certification and all other processes and ensure superior customer satisfaction.

One of the most important reasons why our company has been preferred by our customers for many years is that Metal Servis is an expert company from A to Z in project supply as a package.

In line with customer demands, we offer a holistic solution by supplying all pipes and fittings as well as long and flat products and fasteners as a package.
Custom made solutions

Our Other Services

Our services at Metal Servis is not limited to custom manufacturing depending on blueprints (machining, laser/plasma cutting of sheet metal, bending, punching). In addition to these, we also do pipe or bar cutting and welded manufacturing in-house, and we assist our customers in the supply of non-standard sized products.

In the projects we are the supplier of, we also successfully perform processes such as welding, bending, cutting, machining and sandblasting according to the technical specifications requested by our customers.